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Affordable Toll Free Numbers -

Instantly activate a toll free number and have it ringing your cell phone or home office number in minutes.

Create Group Video Conferencing -

We offer high quality audio conferencing and group conference call services designed to accommodate the highest requirements. Several packages available.

Global SIM -

Brightroam world phones and global SIM card options make your worldly travels much more convenient and affordable. Avoid roaming charges with crystal clear reception no matter where you go.

International Calling Card -

Prepaid rechargeable phone card available online or by phone. Features offered include No-pin dialing, auto-recharge and online account management.

International Phone Card -

Online phone card store with a wide variety of phone cards available for imeediate purchase and delivery. All major forms of credit cards accepted.

Maryland VoIP -

BenComm was established as a telecommunications technical support organization in 1991. BenComm was one of the first Authorized Service Providers selected to support AT&T customers.

Telephone Answering Services -

Emergency after hours phone service. Over 500 pre-screened vendors and instant price quotes.